Glycan Analysis using Lectin Arrays and its Merits

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Glycan is not a linear chain molecule like DNA and protein, but has branching structures and 6 binding sites on each monosaccharide. Because of this nature, it is not so easy to identify glycan structures completely with existing glycan analysis tools.

The basic concept of glycan analysis using lectin arrays is not full identification of glycan structures but identification of epitope images of glycans using a number of lectins which have specific binding characteristics to typical partial structures of glycans. Actually, in a case of GlycoTechnica's lectin arrays, 45 different natural lectins are used for this purpose.
We think that glycan profiling is good enough in many applications, because the reason of why glycan has its function is that lectin binds to the epitope. In other words, from a biological view point, glycan analysis using lectin arrays would be a quite reasonable structure analysis method.

For any complex glycans (even for mixtures), GlycoStation is able to analyze those epitope images with high throughput, high sensitivity, and high accuracy without cleaving glycans from the carrier protein.

Merits of GlycoStation are as follows,

1. No wash process(high repeatability)
2. Real time liquid phase analysis
3. Quantitave analysis without missing any weak interactions
4. For both N- and O-glycans
5. Identification of Isomers
6. No need for cleaving glycans from the carrier protein
7. High Sensitivity(LOD)
  100pg/mL   Glycoprotein
  100pM      Glycan
  500-1,000  Cells
8. Applicable for crude samples
9. High Versatility and Applicability

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