High-sensitive and Qualitative detection of weak biomolecular interactions with a non-destructive manner

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Lectin Microarray is a method which is able to measure glycan profiles easily and quickly.

One of the most important features in realizing the potential application of this method (for instance, discovery and screening of glyco-biomarkers, characterization of stem and differentiated cells, infectious ability of viruses, validation of biosimilar drugs and those host cells, intestinal bacteria and probiotics etc.) is to achieve sufficiently high sensitivity to detect even the low concentrations of some target glycoproteins which are included in sera or tissues.

An evanescent-field fluorescence excitation scanner, GlycoStation Reader 1200 made by GlycoTechnica, allows rapid profiling of glycoproteins. Here, we would like to introduce you a comparison of two different types of scanners, one is GlycoStation Reader 1200 and the other is GenePix 4000B. Comparison of GSR1200 and GenePix4000B

We think that you can understand the merits and the high performance of GlycoStation Reader as a most suitable scanner for detecting weak biomolecular interactions with a non-destructive manner, comparing with GenePix 4000B as one of the most prevalent scanners for DNA microarrays,  . 

And, the following paper written by Dr. Uchiyama et al. is also very informative to help you understand the superiority and the high performance of GlycoStation Reader 1200 for detecting Lectin-Glycan interactions. If you don't want to miss out important discoveries, there would be no any other systems except for GlycoStation.

Optimization of evanescent-field fluorescence-assisted lectin microarray for high-sensitivity detection of monovalent oligosaccharides and glycoproteins.

Please read it, and have a fun.


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