GlycoTechnica Ltd.

GlycoTechnica Ltd. is dedicated to innovating, developing and supplying forward thinking solutions in the field glycomics. GlycoTechnica provides an innovative glycan profiling analysis system, GlycoStation™ and services using lectin microarrays and washing-free evanescent-field fluorescense excitation scanners through accumulated past business experience with ex GP Biosciences, by recruiting the scientists involved in the activities of glycobiology of GP Biosciences.

Glycan Analysis: from Glycan Profiling Analysis with Lectin Microarrays to Glycan Structural Analysis with Mass Spectrometry

We are pleased to announce that GlycoTechnica is now able to service you Glycan Analysis with using Mass Spectrometry in addition to Lectin Microarrays. We strongly advance the establishment of a comprehensive glycan analysis service covering from glycan profiling using Lectin Microarrays to Glycan Structure Identification using mass spectrometry.

This enabling glycan analysis technology will play a significant role in accelerating the pace of research and development in the burgeoning field of glycomics. Through continued development, our glycan profiling analysis technology will expand out of the lab and into clinical healthcare providing early diagnosis and therapies for various diseases. The following two papers written by Dr. H. Narimatsu and Dr. J. Hirabayashi, respectively, would be easily comprehensive research papers concerning technological background and applications of GlycoStation using Lectin Microarrays. Development of basic tools for glycoscience and their application to cancer diagnosis and Development of lectin microarray, an advanced system for glycan profiling.

Our Glycan Profiling System has been installed in FDA, and two papers using our products have been already publised from them. The first report “Glycan analysis of therapeutic glycoproteins”, and the second report “The use of lectin microarray for assesing glycosylation of therapeutic proteins”.