Dr. Nakajima et al., Oita University, have reported a new marker candidate for colorectal cancer with using lectin microarrays.


We will have a booth in Bio Japan 2014, World Business Forums.


The following two papers written by Dr. H. Narimatsu and Dr. J. Hirabayashi, respectively, would be easily comprehensive research papers concerning technological background and applications of GlycoStation using Lectin Microarrays. Development of basic tools for glycoscience and their application to Read More …


SODATT201 gets accepted as a recommended culture media for iPS Cells in SKIP, Keio University.


Prof. Kato et al., Tohoku Univ. have developed a Cancer-specific monocholonal antibody recognizing Glycosylated Podoplanin (with polylactosamine and sialylated core1) which is expressed only on cancer cells.


A new culture media for iPS cells “SODATT201” will be released shortly. We would like to express our sincerely gratitude for your continued business and support.


GlycoLite™ 2100: A new version of GlycoStation Reader series will be released shortly with a moderate price.


Glycosylation type in pancreatic cancer using lectin microarrays was publised from a group of Prof. Miyoshi, Osaka Univ.


This is a review paper written by Dr. Yu-Chieh Wang, Dr. Jeanne Loring et al., Scripps, about relationship between post-translational modification of proteins and puluripotency. They suggested the importance of protein glycosylation marks for the quality control of hPSCs and Read More …