Contract Analysis Special Offer

Contract Analysis Special Offer
As a way of thanking you for the recently successful crowdfunding project, we are offering a special offer for our contract analysis service. 

The offer is open to all, as long as the request for analysis is related to coronavirus research and meets the following criteria. We hope you can take this opportunity to discover the possibilities of glycan profiling.

Accepted Samples
Sample virus must be inactive. Sugar protein in cells, culture supernatant, serum etc. will be the subject of analysis. If the sample is of human origin, it is necessary for the sample to have gone through an ethical review procedure as stipulated by the relevant institution (please contact us for the preparation of such a sample).

Number of Samples
Free of charge up to 3 samples (Please make sure to include a control sample).

Analysis Report
We will send you a report, with a detailed result of the analysis as well as observations, free of charge. 

Offer Period
The offer will end when a set number of applications has been reached.

  • Cost of sending samples to our Tsukuba Laboratory will be paid for by the client.
  • We aim to send you the report within 1 month of receiving the samples but please be aware that in some cases, it may take longer.
  • We may need to contact you for further information on the sample before undertaking the analysis.

We look forward to your application.

Contact us by clicking here or send us an email: info* (replace *with @)