Culture Media

Culture Media for Mesenchymal Stem Cells, EC cells, and Differentiated cells

There are four kinds of Culture Media. We can deal with your order from a bottle. Growth factors, antibiotics and serum (10%) are contained in these culture media, so that you can use these as is.

Product NameDesigned forVolumePrice
Poweredby10Mesenchymal Stem Cells DMEM250mL23,000 JPY
Plusoid-MMesenchymal Stem Cells MSCBM250mL34,000 JPY
G031101 EC Cells250mL17,800 JPY
M061101Mesenchymal Stem Cells250mL19,500 JPY
ESTEM-HEHepatocytes and Small Intestinal Epithelial Cells200mL30,800 JPY
ESTEM-EPEpidermal Cells and Hepatocytes200mL30,800 JPY
ESTEM-MSMesenchymal Stromal Cells200mL28,600 JPY

Shipping Schedule: Deliver by Thursday as ordered by the last Thursday
Lifetime: One month
Shipping and Storage Condition: cold storage, avoid freezing
Remarks) Freight fee is not included in the price.
Some of these are recommended products by RIKEN-BRC and National Institute of Biomedical Innovation.

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