Contract Analysis

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At GlycoTechnica, we firmly believe that the era of glycomics has just begun. We also realize that glycan profiling is a relatively new and complex science. Therefore it is our strategy to work closely with each and every customer to help comprehend the data being generated. Further to this strategy, we has developed a per sample, fee based glycan profiling analysis (glycan analysis) service, uniquely suited to those companies and researchers wanting to begin working with glycan profiling without making a capital commitment. Using our GlycoStation™ and LecChip™ technologies, we will perform glycan profiling analysis on your samples and provide you with a comprehensive analysis and interpretation of the results.

As for applications, please look at the dedicated website page for applications.

For more detailed information, please contact us to talk about specifics of your project.

In additon, please refer to the Outline of Glycan Profling Service, and a leaflet for your information.

You can order using the order form.

Flow of Glycan Analysis Service

1. Please fill out an order form and send it to us through the website or send an email to us.
Please review “Important Precautions for the Contract Analysis Service” prior to sending the order form.

2. Send an experimental sheet An experimental sheet and an order receipt are sent from us with assigning ID number.

3. Reconfirm experimental conditions

  • Please fill out the experimental sheet and send it back to us (mailto:
  • Please sign on the order receipt, and enclose it with samples.
  • Please do not forget to fill out your options.

4. Sample shipping

  • In order to identify samples correctly as written on the experimental sheet, please write a sample name on each sample tube. Please do not forget to enclose the printed out order receipt with the samples.
  • Depending on the experimental condition, the shipping is to be specified as frozen temperature or as chilled temperature.

5. If problem was found If we found any problem in the samples which may affect experimental data, we would hold the experiment and report the progress as soon as possible. Please let us know if you would like to continue the experiment or re-send samples.

Important Precautions for the Glycan Analysis Service

This contract analysis service is for reseacrh purpose only.
In the case of human-derived samples, those should be sent anonymously and with infromed concent.
Samples are to be contamination-free (i.e., free of viruses such as HIV, HCV, and so forth.

Contract Forms of Glycan Profiling Analysis Service

Contract FormsNumber of SamplesList PriceOptional Analysis ReportReport
Long-term Contract 150 samples/year$85,000/yearto be discussed
depending on the total number of samples, to be discussed
Research laboratories/Pharmaceutical Companiesless than 30 samples$1,000/sample$1,000/analysis
Dittofrom 31 to 49 samples$820/sample $820/analysis
Universitesfrom 10 to 30 samples$820/sample $820/analysis
Dittoless than 10 samples$950/sample$865/analysis