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Glycan Profiling Analysis Tools using Lectin Microarrays

Glycosylation is a common posttranslational modification of proteins where glycan chains are added to a protein molecule. Most of proteins are glycosylated resulting in changes in the protein such as folding, targeting, ligand recognition, binding, stability, immunogenicity, biological activity, etc.

Today, glycans play a significant biological role in four major medical areas; cancer, immunological disease, infectious disease and regenerative medicine. Glycoproteins show promise in the area of cancer biomarkers. Approximately 50% of current cancer markers widely used in clinical cancer diagnosis, are, in fact, various types of Glyco-markers.

It is common knowledge in the infectious disease community that most communicable viruses target receptor glycoproteins formed on cell membranes. This fact provides drug developers with opportunities to develop vaccines directed at these target glycoproteins. These are only a few of the many examples that illustrate the need for a quick, simple and highly sensitive method for glycan profiling analysis which can then be used by the biopharmaceutical industry to accelerate the development of advanced biomarkers, thereapeutic proteins, stem cell (iPS, ES, and MSC) characterization, and also probiotics methodologies; all leading to improved diagnostics, therapeutic treatments, and health enhancement.

GlycoStation™ is a Gold Standard in Glycan Profiling